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Cable Cam Grip - Small

Cable Cam Grips are designed for holding insulated cables and wire up to 6mm (0.24") in diameter and are usually fixed to the base of a Mecmesin test stand.  The sample is secured by the cam, which self-tightens as load is applied and spreads the load evenly, minimising slippage during testing.  Cable Cam Grips are available with either smooth or serrated cams.  They are commonly used with a "Wedge Grip" or "Rotating Crimp Receptacle" to test crimp terminals in accordance with BS 5G 178-1 and other international standards.


Capacity432-390-005 210

1000N (100kgf, 225lbf)



  • Crimped terminals
  • Foils
  • Tapes
  • Wires

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