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Popper Cam Base

The Popper Cam Base is used in conjunction with a '3-jaw Popper Pull-off Fixture' to test the strength of poppers and press studs, particularly on children's clothing.

The Popper Cam Base is secured to the base of the test stand and the popper is fed through the retaining hole and positioned over the retaining post. The lever of the cam mechanism is locked off to raise the popper within the fabric so that it can easily be attached to the upper '3-jaw Popper Pull-off Fixture' to perform a tensile pull-off test on 13-15 ligne poppers.


Capacity432-179-001 210

500N (50kgf, 110lbf)



  • Used by clothing manufacturers for test-to-failure testing for compliance with BS 7907:2007 on poppers and press studs

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